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The smart way to give your employees an easy and controlled way to update their personal information

By giving your employees access to maintain their personal information will encourage the information to be kept up to date and allow them to see what information is being kept on file.

This information is only viewable by those that have access to view/edit it or have a relationship with the employee.

Access to very sensitive information is controlled by special access.  This invloves turning off the lock for a set period of time to view or edit the protected pages.  This ensures the sensitive information is not casually browsed or viewed by an unauthorised person on a logged in account.

  • Work Information
  • Home Address
  • Next of Kin
  • Bank Details *
  • Salary information (view only for employee) *
  • Work Permit (with approval)

* Protected Sensitive Information in 'My details'

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We continually strive to provide the best software for your needs and welcome your feature requests.


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